Aiming for Seal of Good Local Governance

The Seal of Good Local Governance calls on Municipal and City Officials for greater performance in rendering service to the public, increased level of disaster preparedness of the Local Government Unit, business friendliness, and social protection.

Aside from an improved rendering of service to the local community and the LGU’s disaster preparedness and environmental management, the program also calls for greater transparency in government dealings and transactions, as well as improvement in the locality’s peace and order situation. The overall objective of this program is to make each and every LGU effective, transparent, participative and accountable to its constituents.

Put into effect by the Department of Interior and Local Government, SGLG provide the national government the means to evaluate and help improve the performance of every LGU. For LGUs that were able to successfully satisfy the criteria set by DILG, they are awarded the Seal of Good Local Governance and cash that the LGU can use to further improve its facilities and services.

Securing the SGLG is one of the main thrusts of the young administration of the Hon. Rhumyla Nicor-Mangilimutan. More than the benefits that SGLG brings to the municipality, getting the award is an affirmation of the great efforts of Mayor Mhai’s administration to improve the delivery of basic services, as well as uplift the lives of the people of La Castellana.

Municipality of La Castellana

La Carlota-La Castellana Road

La Castellana Negros Occidental 6131


Phone: +63 (34) 485 8888

Fax: +63 (34) 485 7777

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