La Castellana Children's Choir

If you happen to attend one of the events in the Municipality of La Castellana in Negros Occidental, Philippines, then you might just get the chance to hear the angelic voices of the La Castellana Children’s Choir.

Created and organized through the combined efforts of Hon. Rhumyla Nicor-Mangilimutan and civic organizations, the choir often performs in various events held within and outside the lovely town of La Castellana.

Composed mostly of children and young teenagers, the members have been chosen because of their remarkable voices and great desire to sing in front of an audience. Today, they serve as the musical ambassadors of the Municipality of La Castellana and their ability in singing is gaining attention in different areas in Negros Occidental.

Municipality of La Castellana

La Carlota-La Castellana Road

La Castellana Negros Occidental 6131


Phone: +63 (34) 485 8888

Fax: +63 (34) 485 7777

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