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Banana Festival Opening Celebration

One of the cool tourist attractions and crowd drawers in the province of Negros Occidental is the annual Banana Festival held annually in the Municipality of La Castellana. During this event, banana farmers of La Castellana would bring their choicest produce to showcase in the town. Locals and visitors would often sample the deliciously sweet bananas in original fruit form and banana-laced products with lip-smacking goodness.

This event draws the attention of tourists who wanted to sample the tasty goodies with banana as the main ingredient, and investors who are on the lookout for new supply streams to fuel their business growth. The festival is made more meaningful by the presence of notable officials from the Province of Negros Occidental and the fifth district to which the Municipality of La Castellana belongs.

As the Honorable Mayor Mhai Nicor-Mangilimutan point out, the Banana Festival is held not only to showcase the products of banana farmers but also an opportunity for everyone to celebrate unity and togetherness in furtherance of the dream for a better La Castellana in the future. The good Mayor also thanked the farmers for their valuable contribution to realize that goal.

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