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Banana Festival Queen Coronation Night

All events culminate in a spectacular show of exemplary performance and magnificence. Every major beauty contest culminates in such a way and the Coronation Night of the Banana Festival Queen is no different from that. More than just a beauty contest, however, the annual search for the Banana Festival Queen is not only about beauty and glamour. It is also about intelligence and how patriotic you are as regards the beautiful municipality of La Castellana.

The Outfit

The search for Banana Festival Queen is adjudged based in different sets of criteria. Among the criteria set by the committee-in-charge is that the outfit that Banana Queen Festival aspirants wear must be made entirely, or mostly, of the herbaceous plants which the festival derived its name from. Expert designers would fashion upper and lower body outfits made of a combination of banana bark materials which were carefully peeled off from the corm, dried out and then fashioned into body wear, as well as dried and fresh banana leaves. Sometimes, designers would fashion a headgear with small banana fruits, though this style is often discouraged because of the weight.

The Float

Oftentimes, the parade float consists of wooden planks and plywood constructed in such a way that it can be carried by a particular type of car or truck without causing damage to the vehicle. To do this, parade float designers would take careful measurements of the vehicle that is going to carry it, then construct the float based on those measurements. In some cases, the float will be painted with earthly colors, but in many cases, they would just be covered in earth-color textile or cloth then adorned with different types of banana fruits. Sometimes, a banana plant will also be added to produce the maximum effect.

The Coronation

On the coronation night, however, the beauty aspirants will ditch their banana clothing and slip into glamorous gowns that make the ladies even more beautiful. Their aptitude is then tested by a series of questions propounded by the judges. Their ratings, from parade costume, talent, gown, and question and answer phase, will be summed up with the highest rating getting the crown.

The Banana Festival celebration of the Municipality of La Castellana is a joyous festival aimed at highlighting the trademark product of the town which is the banana. Held yearly for several decades now, it became even more beautiful with the able planning and leadership of the town Mayor, the Hon. Rhumyla Nicor-Mangilimutan. With the great success gained during the Search for the Banana Festival Queen 2017, town folks and visitors alike are eagerly looking forward to next year’s celebration.

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