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A Salute To Dynamism And Excellence

The event aptly entitled “A Grand Salute To Dynamism and Excellence” is a tribute to the exemplary performance of the employees and personnel of the Department of Education in the District of La Castellana II. Their magnificent contribution of imparting knowledge to the young generation and the manner by which they gave it was duly recognized by DepEd officials and the local government of La Castellana headed by the Municipal Mayor Hon. Rhumyla Nicor-Mangilimutan.

The award calls upon everyone to perform beyond the call of duty, particularly as regards to ushering the young generation towards a better future through education. In fact, if put in the proper context, everyone regardless of their fields of professions or expertise, can make a contribution by going the extra mile in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

Performing beyond your duty and responsibility does not mean you need to overdo whatever tasks assigned to you. Simple actions like ensuring everything is in order, or quickly checking if there are any errors in your work are all classified as going the extra mile.

For instance, a doctor instead of putting a limit to his working hours can extend beyond his 8-hour a day clinic hours to perhaps 10-hours or an engineer doing a last minute check to a day’s work instead of immediately going home upon hearing the 5PM bell. It could also be a school janitor, taking the time to look inside every classroom to make sure no one or nothing are left behind after dismissal, or a cook ensuring that all ingredients used in every dish is fresh.

All of these things are excellent work. While it may be true that no award is forthcoming since most of these things are not noticed by the general public, you can be content and happy in the thought that you have done your best for the day. That feeling, in itself, is more than any reward.

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